Proper Shoe Storage and Care

Properly storing and supporting footwear in a temperature and moisture-controlled environment prevents mold, bacteria, and odor and helps shoes last decades. Helping shoes last takes a concerted effort, requiring more than simply piling shoes on a closet floor. Shoes left in damp, dark, overloaded closets, attics, or basements can become unusable in just a few years. Collapsed, wet shoes will deteriorate exponentially over time so preventative maintenance like moisture control and structural care is essential to ensure longevity. Shoe trees preserve the shape while climate-controlled storage protects shoes from extreme temperature and humidity that turns leather and plastics brittle, weakens fabrics, and causes glue to lose adhesion.

Shoe Trees Help Shoes Last

Shoe can last decades when properly cared for and supported in between wears. Shoe trees support the main internal and external shoe structure to maintain proper shape over time, even allowing footwear to look it’s best during 95+% of lifetime when not on feet. This support is highly valuable during home storage and travel, strengthening the main shoe structure against boxes, other shoes, heavy items, and mishandled luggage that may damage footwear materials and structure. Shoe trees are especially valuable for footwear that uses expensive materials, preventing finer leather, suedes, nubuck, and lining materials from quickly becoming creased, wrinkled, and worn.

Shoe Trees Combat Moisture & Odor

Some shoe trees combat moisture damage caused by internal foot sweat and wet and dirty environmental conditions. Shoe trees allow footwear to properly dry between wears, helping to preserve leather, prevent cracking, and pull moisture away from the main body of the shoe. This moisture control keeps odor away from footwear when shoe trees are used within an hour after wear, helping to keep shoes from rotting from the inside out and promoting a clean, dry interior.

Fresh Flows are the Ultimate Shoe Tree

Fresh Flow Shoe Trees were created to be a complete solution for a large majority of modern shoe care needs. The supportive, breathable, and durable framework features eleven depressed air channels that encourage interior air flow as a central column elevates through the vamp, midfoot, and tongue into a handy push/pull tab for quick insertion and removal. Engineered, tested, and produced in multiple sizes, our single mold Fresh Flow Shoe Trees truly protect in seconds while supporting footwear for a lifetime.

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