Fresh Flows vs. Other Plastic Shoe Trees

  1. Our simple, single mold shoe trees have no springs, screws, hinges, or extra components that can break down after steady use
  2. Fresh Flow Shoe Trees support without stretching using no components that press on the back heel to impact the shoe structure and fit
  3. 11 ridge-free air chambers across the core insert structure allow air to flow through shoe, promoting a fresh, dry interior during storage
  4. Made in multiple sizes, Fresh Flow Shoe Trees are engineered, produced, and tested to truly support and protect the full length and width of the toebox, midfoot, vamp, and top arch of most footwear
  5. Fresh Flow Shoe Trees, made from a single mold plastic framework and featuring a handy push/pull tab, can be used and removed in seconds, allowing quick daily protection to all shoes in and out of the rotation

Fresh Flows vs. Wood Shoe Trees

  1. Our new, simplified design supports footwear structures without weighing down shoes during home storage or travel. Traditional wood shoe trees add considerable weight that can damage other shoes and stored items. ‘Come get your 3-pound shoe logs, Grandpa!’
  2. Save money to buy more shoes, not shoe trees. Our shoe trees are less expensive but just as effective as heavier, more cumbersome wood systems.
  3. Protect on the go. Use our light-as-air shoe trees immediately after use to protect shoe shape in your bag, car, or closet. 
  4. There are no metal spines, bolts, or hinges to set off metal detectors during travel
  5. Wood shoe trees have multiple components and materials like screws, bolts, and hinges that can break down over time
  6. Fresh Flow Shoe Trees support without stretching. There are no insert components or springs that press on the back heel and can impact heel shape
  7. Save the trees! Fresh Flow Shoe Trees are made from a durable, 1 oz. plastic framework that lasts a lifetime

Fresh Flows vs. Cardboard Shoe Trees

  1. Our plastic single mold shoe trees last. Pressed cardboard and waded paper lose shape after a several uses due to pressure and moisture absorption that breaks down structural integrity
  2. Fresh Flow Shoe Trees won’t collapse or tear during travel or pressure like cardboard or paper alternatives. Shoes are expensive and should not be supported with paper products
  3. Our hypo-allergenic, plastic shoe trees do not shed or break down to irritate sensitive skin types like compressed cardboard alternatives
  4. Cardboard shoe trees can be difficult to insert and remove. The extended Fresh Flow Shoe Tree push/pull tab allows quick insertion and removal

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Fresh Flow Shoe Trees Support a Busy, Modern Lifestyle

Whether you're an athlete, a business professional, adventurist, or anything in between, Fresh Flow Shoe Trees were created to be a simple, mobile, breatheable, and durable shoe care solution that quickly protects without slowing you down