Normal Stains

Supplies Needed:
A spoon, soft bristled brush, cloth, suede/nubuck eraser, Fresh Flow Shoe Trees

  1. Insert Fresh Flow Shoe Trees into suede/nubuck shoes
  2. For most suede and nubuck cleanings, do not use water or liquid solutions as they can darken and damage the original nap and color of the grain
  3. Using a soft brush, gently brush dirt and debris off the surface of the shoe in one direction to help restore the nap of the nubuck
  4. For more matted down and affected areas, rub out spots with a dull metal edge of a metal cuticle pusher or the front edge of a spoon. This will loosen the fibers from the dirt and stains
  5. For most dirt and grime spots, using a suede or nubuck eraser will be sufficient to clean the shoes
  1. Push the suede eraser in one direction or back and forth along the dirtiest spots to clean the suede of the shoe upper
  2. If you see any color on the suede eraser when working on darker shoes, be extra gentle when rubbing dirt spots so you don’t pull too much color from the shoe
  3. After the initial brushing and use of the suede eraser, use a clean dry brush to brush off any bits of eraser, dirt dust, and restore the natural nap of the suede

Heavy Stains Like Blood, Wine, Dyes

Supplies Needed:
A medium bristled brush, suede/nubuck shampoo, bowl of water, cloth, toothbrush, paper, Fresh Flow Shoe Trees

  1. Cover a workspace with a large rag, towel, or newspaper and set down shoes
  2. Remove laces and set aside
  3. Insert Fresh Flow Shoe Trees into shoes or boots
  4. Brush off dirt and debris with soft-medium bristled brush (preferably horse mane). Make sure to get into all gaps and crevasses
  5. Dip cloth into water then into a trusted suede/nubuck shampoo and work the mix into a lather
  6. With the brush covered in the mix, lightly scrub the complete surface of the suede/nubuck in an even motion
    1. Before the first application, test any new cleaning agent in an inconspicuous area of the shoe to ensure there is no discoloration or ill effects on the leather 
  7. For larger boots, section into 4-6 main areas and clean one area at a time
  8. After every application, wipe off shampoo with dry, clean cloth
  1. If dirt remains in any area, reapply shampoo and wipe off after a minute of scrubbing. Use a toothbrush or paint brush to work the soap into tight crevasses as needed.
  2. Wash off shampoo with a light water spray under the sink. Do not saturate the shoe with a heavy water flow
  3. Once the shoe is completely rinsed off, pat dry the full shoe with a dry cloth
  4. Remove Fresh Flow Shoe Trees and stuff paper into shoes to allow airflow and the paper to soak up some of the internal moisture.
  5. Let the shoe dry for 24 hours
  6. Remove the paper and reinsert Fresh Flow Shoe Trees
  7. Using a light-medium bristled brush reset the nap of the nubuck/suede by brushing around the shoe in one direction

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