Light, Durable, & Metal-Free

Protect Footwear During Travel

Light, durable, and metal-free, Fresh Flow Shoe Trees are perfect shoe structures to keep shoe, sneaker, and boot structures supported in carry-on bags, checked-in luggage, and suitcases during travel. Made from a flexible but sturdy single mold plastic, our shoe trees support and strengthen footwear in pressure-packed environments without weighing you down.

Load the Bag

Confidently load your bag/luggage around fully supported footwear without additional weight or worry. When pushed into shoes, our Fresh Flow Shoe Trees protect packed footwear from other items that may deform, crease, or compress the core structure of shoes during travel. Be assured your shoes will look fresh and new even when luggage and bags are tossed, stacked, and thrown around by third-party handlers.

Ready Anytime, Anywhere

For everyday travel – to and from the gym, work, or leisure activities – Fresh Flow Shoe Trees protect and aerate all forms of footwear, so shoe structures stay strong and supported in bags, cars, and in-hand. Use our ultra-light, handy, and supportive shoe tree in seconds to assure unworn sneakers, boots, and dress shoes are fully protected from the inside out. Keep a few pairs of our simple, durable, supportive, and ultra-light shoe trees around to protect your favorite shoes wherever life takes you.

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Fresh Flow Shoe Trees Support a Busy, Modern Lifestyle

Whether you're an athlete, a business professional, adventurist, or anything in between, Fresh Flow Shoe Trees were created to be a simple, mobile, breatheable, and durable shoe care solution that quickly protects without slowing you down