Supportive, Aerated, & Durable

Protect Your Investment

Collectable sneakers and footwear are a difficult investment to keep looking fresh and new over time. Fresh Flow Shoe Trees were created to provide true value and support to the sneaker and shoe collector community, offering an inexpensive, supportive, and aerated internal sneaker structure to truly support the toe box, mid-foot, and tongue components of your favorite collectable sneakers. Made from a single, highly durable but flexible plastic mold, each size offers true toe box, midfoot, vamp, and eyestay support so sneakers are truly supported during 95% of their lifetime - when not on feet.

One Size Does NOT Fit All

Unlike most shoe trees that are only available in one ‘universal’ size, Fresh Flow Shoe Trees were tested, adjusted, and produced to offer true support for multiple sizes and in key areas where the most damaging wear and creasing occurs. Fresh Flow Shoe Tree sizing truly supports and aerates most collectable footwear and sneakers.

Built to Last

Replace cheap and temporary cardboard inserts included in new shoes immediately after purchase with Fresh Flow Shoe Trees to provide a durable, supportive structure for the life of your shoes, and beyond. Pressed cardboard and waded paper break down after a couple of uses while quickly collapsing from pressure by misplaced shoes, heavy boxes, and other closet components.

Made for Display

Set protected collectable sneakers on display in the closet, by the door, or on the shelf after inserting our single-form, durable, and highly supportive internal shoe structures. Fresh Flow Shoe Trees reinforce and lift the toe box, midfoot, vamp, tongue, and eyestay structures from the inside out, giving shoes a full, on-foot look while out on display. The low-profile insert structure and modest branding ensures your shoes get all the shine while fully supporting and aerating footwear during storage and display. Try an affordable 3, 5, or 10 pack to protect and aerate the entire collection.

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Fresh Flow Shoe Trees Support a Busy, Modern Lifestyle

Whether you're an athlete, a business professional, adventurist, or anything in between, Fresh Flow Shoe Trees were created to be a simple, mobile, breatheable, and durable shoe care solution that quickly protects without slowing you down