Quick, Supportive, & Aerated

Simple Daily Support

Instantly slide Fresh Flow Shoe Trees in and out of lifestyle footwear before and after each wear to protect your favorite shoes from creasing, collapse, and other structural damage. Fresh Flow Shoe Trees slide into shoes in seconds, supporting the toe box, mid-foot, eyestay, and tongue areas where the worst creasing and wear occurs. Whether in the closet, on the shelf, or by the door, our low-profile, highly supportive shoe trees are engineered to provide a quick, strong foundation inside your favorite lifestyle shoes and sneakers.

So Fresh and So Clean

In addition to providing support, Fresh Flow Shoe Trees keep your favorite lifestyle sneakers clean and fresh from the inside out, using eleven ridge-less air chambers to promote internal air flow. Lifestyle footwear, whether constructed of leather, fabric, or synthetic materials, needs internal aeration and structural support during storage to ensure a clean interior and fresh look. Quick, strong, and reliable, Fresh Flow Shoe Tree’s simple, effective design works as hard as your favorite everyday lifestyle shoes to keep footwear looking great day after day.

Quick, Size-Specific Support

Quickly keep everyday lifestyle sneakers fresh, supported, and dry between wears. Don’t waste time, energy, and headspace adjusting or fitting more complicated systems into your shoes. Fresh Flow Shoe Trees work instantly to protect and aerate shoes, sneakers, boots, and slip-ons. Available in medium and large sizes (with small and XL coming soon), Fresh Flow Shoe Trees effortlessly and properly fit in all lifestyle footwear, providing durable structural support at home or while traveling.

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Fresh Flow Shoe Trees Support a Busy, Modern Lifestyle

Whether you're an athlete, a business professional, adventurist, or anything in between, Fresh Flow Shoe Trees were created to be a simple, mobile, breatheable, and durable shoe care solution that quickly protects without slowing you down