Durable, Light, & Waterproof

Extend Footwear Life

Fresh Flow Shoe Trees provide valuable structural and aesthetic support to a variety of outdoor footwear – including hiking boots, trail shoes, trail runners, minimalist shoes, water shoes, and even more substantial hiking sandals. Slide Fresh Flow Shoe Trees into boots and outdoor footwear immediately after rigorous outdoor activities like hiking, cycling, climbing, boating, fishing, hunting, walking, running, and more to keep footwear fresh, aerated, and strong. Extend the life of heavier outdoor shoe materials by adding a strong, open, internal support structure after hitting the trails.

Get Clean & Dry Fast

Heavily worn outdoor footwear can quickly become deformed and unusable without a sturdy storage framework that allows shoes and boots to properly dry and quickly aerate after use. Outdoor and hiking footwear often gets wet on the outside (outdoor elements) and inside (sweat) so using an open, durable, waterproof shoe tree is vital to keep shoes clean, dry, and strong. Outdoor footwear also often needs to be washed and cleaned after use and Fresh Flow Shoe Trees are perfect to give the shoe that extra support during and after the washing process. Fresh Flow Shoe Trees’ simple, plastic, open structure provides strong internal support to protect the structure while allowing air to flow through the shoe, stopping bacteria and mold from forming.

They Go with You

Fresh Flow Shoe Trees’ extremely light, durable, and flexible single-mold framework is perfect companion for an active, outdoor lifestyle. Throw a pair in your backpack to dry shoes overnight around a supportive, aerated framework. Set supported shoes near the campfire and never wake up to damp, deformed shoes again while out on (or off) the trails.

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Fresh Flow Shoe Trees Support a Busy, Modern Lifestyle

Whether you're an athlete, a business professional, adventurist, or anything in between, Fresh Flow Shoe Trees were created to be a simple, mobile, breatheable, and durable shoe care solution that quickly protects without slowing you down