Fresh Flow Shoe Trees assist shoe customizations, providing aerated toe box, midfoot, eyestay, and tongue support during the cleaning, painting, customization, and drying process. When slipped into the front of shoes, the strong, waterproof, reusable insert can help paint, glue, and stitching bond around a strong and properly sized internal structure. Eleven engineered air holes aid interior/exterior air flow as your custom artwork settles and dries around the original shape of the shoe.

Focus on Your Art

Fresh Flow Shoe Trees provide a quick, nimble, and stable internal structure to support many types of shoe customizations, allowing your energy and focus to stay on the project, not adjusting toe box and mid-foot support. Our shoe trees fully support the toe, midfoot, eyestay, and tongue areas of footwear allowing artists to work across multiple sections of the shoe without changing interior support or using hands or other components during the creation process.

Our Durable Structure Holds Up

Allow paint, dyes, glue, and ink to properly dry around a highly supportive interior shape that mimics a shoe last or foot. Our single mold shoe trees are made from a waterproof, tempature-resistant plastic, perfect for submerging shoes in dyes and other coloring liquids.

A Branding Accessory for Artists

Add a special touch of personal branding to all your finished customizations by adding your logo and color to our inserts before sending finished projects off to clients. Please visit our Corporate and Branded Sales page for more information on minimums, customization options, and contact information.