Supportive, Waterproof, & Durable

Help Shoes Last

Use Fresh Flow Shoe in virtually all basketball, running, tennis, walking, and cross-training footwear including cleats, trail boots, golf shoes, and track spikes. Most athletes do not have unlimited access to performance shoes so keep your favorite footwear supported, dry, and strong after the competition ends. Fresh Flow Shoe Trees are engineered to prolong the life and look of performance footwear and prohibit catastrophic structural damage in bags, closets, and crowded lockers. Like bones protecting the body, durable Fresh Flow Shoe Trees provide a strong internal shoe framework to ensure constant support in between competition and wears, allowing shoes to last.

Keep Shoes Dry

Air out and support athletic footwear immediately after workouts and competitions to dry moisture/sweat and promote a clean, dry interior. Keep bacteria, mold, and odor out of sweaty, moist footwear by slipping in breathable Fresh Flow Shoe Trees immediately after practice or games to promote complete Fresh Flow in and around performance footwear. With eleven ridge-less air chambers, Fresh Flow Shoe Inserts are an athlete’s best friend, keeping shoes clean, supported, and dry during 95% of their lifetime - when not on feet. Prolong the life and look of shoes while keeping bacteria, mold, and Athletes Foot away from your shoes and body.

Quick and Simple to Use

Don’t waste time, energy, and headspace adjusting or fitting more complicated support systems
into shoes. Quickly slip Fresh Flow Shoe Trees into footwear before shoes are placed into gym bags, lockers, or other packed environments. Our high-grade, coated plastic shoe trees are highly durable to support shoe structures in all environments. Use Fresh Flow Shoe Trees in footwear on the way to workouts, then switch them into lifestyle footwear during the competition. After the workout, slip our shoe trees back into performance footwear to protect both sets of footwear to and from the competition.

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Fresh Flow Shoe Trees Support a Busy, Modern Lifestyle

Whether you're an athlete, a business professional, adventurist, or anything in between, Fresh Flow Shoe Trees were created to be a simple, mobile, breatheable, and durable shoe care solution that quickly protects without slowing you down